Shedding light on CIFF  & CIFF YOUTH SS21.  We’re still on a high after last week’s announcement and are putting all our energy in the production of SS21. We can already throw some light on what’s in the making – three main areas will be defining CIFF and CIFF YOUTH SS21’s concept:  

Sales, Community & Sustainability

Being a strong and dedicated sales platform, we prioritize our community’s needs by bringing together the best blend of brands and buyers for them to meet and interact. Our platform enables brands and visitors to concentrate on what matters the most to them, their businesses. More than ever, CIFF and CIFF YOUTH are doing their best to build the perfect frame for our visitors to have a succesful experience.

A sales platform would be nothing without its community. CIFF has built its success on its ability to build and nurture a loyal and varied community. Throughout all our segments, from the ground to the second floor, from buyers to VIP visitors, all are part of the CIFF family. Being an integrated bunch is part of our DNA and this season will be no exception.

With a growing need from the industry to rethink the way it works, it’s only natural for us to stress the relevance of sustainability. We want to provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge for you to become more sustainable and to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

We will share more details on what to expect this season as D-day approaches.

So stay tuned and remember to register for CIFF and CIFF YOUTH.


Health & Safety

Our top priority remains your security. In order to secure a good experience to all our visitors, we invite you to follow our security measures (in accordance with the Danish Health Authorities’ guidelines). Please click here to read our initiatives about spacing, hygiene, etc.