Kristian W. Andersen, Chief Innovation Officer of NorthModern and Stavros Karelis Founder of London retailer Machine–A are happy to announce a series of events and activations taking place at CIFF Paris from 21—24 June, covering all the important aspects developed by CIFF through the years: inclusivity, sustainability and supporting new talents. Click HERE to register for CIFF Paris.

CIFF Paris Special Projects: Events & Activations



Kenneth Ize is reinterpreting Nigerian garments to create an original perspective on luxury products by taking a sustainable approach in the design and production process and supporting a small community of weavers, and work directly with a variety of artisan and design groups. Drawing inspiration from the traditional loom, they will work with nmbello Studio, an industrial design practice in Lagos, to create a lightweight, portable and ergonomically conducive loom. The loom will be launched in June at CIFF Paris, focused on highlighting the weaving industry in Nigeria.



Ximon Lee presentation at CIFF, supported by Tianwei Zhang, engages in the exploration of goodness, kindness and altruism, which are being overshadowed by the fear resulting from the current emergencies occurring around the globe. In an effort to rescucitate the beauty of the good, an installation of botanical growth in stark contrast to mechanical backdrop is staged in a walkable circle, half see-through, half-disguised. Entering the space, the viewers can observe flowers and plants growing inside the circle-shaped transparent cage, the misty fog blurs the petals and twigs into an artificially organic landscape.
Ximon Lee’s SS20 presentation will take place at CIFF on the 23rd of June.



“Central Saint Martins MA FASHION SELECTS the work of four emerging designers; Sheryn Akiki, Goom Heo, Kitty Garratt, Marvin Desroc. The designers, who are representative of the broader cultural community that makes each year’s class both specific and diverse, address the society in which we all live, from fashion perspectives on gender, political and geographical identity, as well as materiality and craft, proving that contemporaneity in design belongs to both a physical and intellectual regime.” Fabio Piras, Course Director MA fashion


LVMH PRIZE talk by Sophie Brocart
LVMH Prize Mentoring Director & CEO Jean Patou.
Panel includes Julie Gilhart, Fabio Piras and Susie Lau.

21st of June



Orsola de Castro and Tamsin Blanchard will walk you into an ideal high street, with a roundtable to redesign our high street, a static walk into a utopian near future, where we imagine the surroundings we wish to inhabit tomorrow.

21st of June



Tokyo-based graphic artist and rap fanatic Jun Inagawa is gaining fans around the world with work that revels in the anarchic fusion of Japanese manga and hip hop graffiti aesthetics. To explore the unlikely thematic combination in Jun’s art, Highsnobiety have partnered with him for Issue 5 of SHORT FOR Magazine; their ‘periodical ode to the DIY generation,’ which will be launched exclusively at CIFF Paris alongside an exhibition, reception and installation. The exhibition will display some of Jun’s work, imported from his studio in Tokyo, as well as his sketches and notes from the creation of his issue of SHORT FOR Magazine. The reception will serve as the CIFF Paris opening event, inviting guests to view an original, live mural painting by Inagawa himself, and enjoy an eclectic selection of music by Highsnobiety Soundsystem.



Releasing their first in house directed imagery, Stefan Cooke collaborated with Laura Jane Coulson on a reflection on the brands past three seasons.



As symbol of unrest and a call to action, the EUnify project asks for critical engagement with the European Union. In this time of crisis, it works as a crucial reminder that there is value in collaboration and strength in unity. We really create opinion-wear for you to share a message with us.

Call EU hotline +80067891011 free of charge.

SOUVENIR OFFICIAL connecting memories with contemporary culture.



Onassis Foundation presents Alice Potts exploring her breakthrough method developed while in her MA course at the RCA, transforming human sweat into crystal formations. As an Onassis fellow, Alice is furthering her research and exploring new ways that body fluids similarly to human sweat can become a new source of energy that can empower a system of sustainable & social responsible practices, placing the human element as the main catalyst for any future developed technologies, as according to Alice ‘our bodies are still the greatest technologies we have’. Continuing the theme of the exhibition ‘SWEAT’ presented in Athens Biennale in 2018, the installation that will be presented at CIFF Paris aims to showcase the female athlete en route to an equal race.
The international female cyclists participating in the installation have been chosen by Giovanni De Marchi



032C presents FUTURE ARTIFACTS (cont’d), an installation of new and archival products from our DIY history and our flattened creative future. Conceived in the spirit of accessibility and sharing, the bodega-inspired depot will feature select print materials, 032C Apparel, the adidas by 032C GSG 9 boot, and fresh copies of 032C Issue #36, the latest edition of our bi-annual manual for freedom, research, and creativity.

032C is a magazine and apparel brand. Our workshop in Berlin-Kreuzberg is a production and research center, where we assess and contribute to contemporary culture.



SHOWstudio will present Nick Knight’s new film Squidge at CIFF Paris. Inspired by Maison Margiela’s plump and voluminous A/W 18 Artisanal collection designed by John Galliano, Knight creates a new world for these nomadic visions to roam. The film is rendered in both panoramic and full 360 for the ultimate viewer experience.


Kristian Andersen says “CIFF in Copenhagen is more than a trade show. We are proud to stand our ground on values that are part of our DNA. It was obvious to us to bring this to Paris and offer a platform where creatives can express themselves in any way in a creative hub where all are welcome; to discover brands and trends, engage, connect and be inspired.”


Stavros Karelis says “The most exciting part of our industry is that new ideas are constantly formed and shaped through partnerships, collaborations and being open-mind and curious. Unafraid to try things differently, to experiment, to create a dialogue and to include people from different backgrounds & different fileds to contribute their knowledge, their innovative ideas. It is brave to be a risk taker, to re-design and to challenge with respect the current system. I am so proud to be working with some of these extremely talented people and organizations & create installations for CIFF Paris that will lighting the path towards the right direction of our industry & positive change that is happening in our society.”


Copenhagen International Fashion Fair is taking over Garage Amelot, 21—24 June.
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